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Business Immigration Qualification Package

Please proceed with this package if you have at least USD$ 200,000.00 net worth.

If you use this package, we will also evaluate your immigration qualification in the Professional Skilled Immigration category with no additional fees. We will provide you with the best available options.

How Does It Work?

  1. Complete Business Qualification Package form and provide payment.
  2. We will evaluate your form within 3-5 business days from receiving payment.
  3. After we evaluate your form, we will contact you via Skype or email to collect additional information and relevant documents in order to build your immigration case.
  4. After completing the communication process we will provide you with a full report of your immigration options, application requirements, and estimation of our fees for the full legal representation.

What Does Your Package Include?



Best Immigration Options

Improvement Suggestions

One Hour Consultation

Fee Credit Towards Full Representation

The Cost

$1550 USD

This fee will be credited towards full representation service fee if you decide to proceed further.