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Start-up Visa

Start-up Visa


Do you have a great business idea? Canada welcomes talented entrepreneurs from around the world. You have an opportunity to build your business in a country that has the best conditions for you to be successful, and to compete on a global scale. The new Start-Up Visa allows you to receive permanent residence immediately upon approval of your application.

Why Start Business in Canada

The following are reasons why you should choose Canada to start your new business:

  • Strong and stable economy – Canada is rated as the best country in which to conduct your business among G-20 countries
  • Low business costs and taxes – Canada is rated lowest among G-7 countries in terms of taxes on business investments
  • World-leading environment for research and innovation – various government programs in Canada can reimburse up to 30% of your research and development costs
  • Excellent quality of life – Canada is full of highly educated people and a multicultural workforce, with virtually the highest standard of living in the G-20

Business Idea Approval

Before you apply for permanent residence under the Start-Up Visa, you need to present your business idea to a designated organization of your choice, and get their support. Once you get their approval, they will send you a Letter of Support, which you will include with your application. There are 3 types of designated organizations: Venture Capital Funds, Angel Investor Groups, and Business Incubators. Each organization in each group has different evaluation criteria.

Eligibility Requirements

In addition to receiving your Letter of Support from a designated organization, and meeting other eligibility requirements, you will need to:

  • Be able to speak either English or French
  • Have at least one year of study completed at a post-secondary institution
  • Have enough money to support yourself while you start your business
  • Take a medical exam
  • Get a police certificate

Choose Canada as the destination for your success. Get support for your business idea, and turn your dream into a reality!


If you are interested in investing or doing business in Canada, and immigrating to Canada, please complete your Qualification Package for Business Immigration or contact us for a consultation and we will be happy to answer all your questions.