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Why Canada

Canada is also famous for its beautiful nature, lakes, rivers, mountains, parks and other pleasant places to visit for both residents and tourists. Camping, hiking, swimming, fishing, kayaking, and canoeing are popular activities during summer months. Winter offers a variety of sports as well, such as skiing and snowboarding, snowmobiling, ice-skating, dog sledding, ice fishing and, of course, hockey. There are plenty of fun activities for both you and your family that will give you an experience of a lifetime!

Canada is famous for its breathtaking nature, high standard of living, democracy and peaceful politics. Although it is the world's second-largest country by its territory, the population in Canada is only about 35 million people; therefore, immigrants are welcome with open arms.

Starting a business is a simple procedure with no minimum capital requirements and subject to minimal government regulations. Banking sector is stable and credit is readily available. Information Technology sector is growing rapidly, with high demand for software professionals. There is also a demand for people in the healthcare industry, engineers, construction workers, plumbers, electricians, carpenters and many more.

Canadian degrees, diplomas, and certificates are highly valuable and recognized internationally. Public school education until grade 12 is free across Canada. Higher education can be financed with government loans, grants and scholarships. Everyone is welcome to pursue excellent quality education of any level.

People are entitled to receive free diagnostic procedures such as blood tests and X-rays, nursing services, medication administered in hospitals, use of operating rooms and all prescribed surgeries. Additional health insurance that covers a range of other medical services such as eye and dental care, and prescription medication can be obtained through employment. Canada's health care system values quality and patient safety, providing high standard of care. You and your family will be in great hands

Some of the services offered include the following: social welfare for low-income families and those unable to work, support for youth and the elderly, support for people with disabilities, and childcare services. In case of lay offs, unemployment insurance allows Canadians to receive 60% of their most recent wages until finding employment. At age 65, Canadians are entitled to receive full retirement pension, with the amount paid depending upon the number of years lived in Canada. You and your family's general well-being is a priority.

Exports consist of forest products, oil and minerals, automobiles and manufactured goods. To support its attractive business environment, Canada developed a strong judicial system that supports independence and transparency, forbids corruption, and is ranked among the least corrupt countries in the world. You have a choice to start your own business in various economic sectors and have the legal protection that you need.