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Same Sex Partners Sponsorship for Women

Same Sex Partners Sponsorship

Same sex relationship

Same-sex marriage became legal everywhere in Canada in 2005. Most legal rights have been extended to same-sex partners, including pension, tax benefits and inheritance. Canada is a tolerant society that grants improved civil rights to same-sex couples and welcomes such couples with open arms. Whether you wish to immigrate, study, work or simply visit Canada to get married, Canada's friendly same-sex immigration laws can turn your dreams into a reality. Do not hesitate and contact us to get started immediately!

Definition of Terms

Married - Legally married in Canada or any other jurisdiction where same-sex marriages are recognized.
Common Law relationships - Living together for at least one year in a marriage-like relationship.
Conjugal relationship - In a relationship for at least one year, but have been unable to live together for legal or other reasons.

Additional Services

Visitor visa
We assist in applying for visitor visas for same-sex couples. If you want to get married with your partner in Canada, you don't need to be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident.

Permanent resident assessment
You can apply to immigrate to Canada as a family with your same-sex partner, common law or conjugal partner.

Students work permit assessment
Same-sex partners can accompany a student to Canada for the duration of their stay.

Temporary work permit
Skilled workers may obtain immigrant visas for their same-sex partners as well. Partners can accompany a foreign worker for the duration of work permit.

Same Sex Partners Sponsorship for Men