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Qualification Assessment for Canadian Immigration


There are numerous requirements to examine in order to choose a program that you might qualify for.

In Canada, there is a point based immigration system. People with high amount of points are given an invitation to apply for permanent residency.

Our qualification assessment consists of three stages:

  • Detailed examination of your immigration credentials
  • Search for all current federal and provincial programs
  • Matching your skills and qualifications with all eligible programs

This process takes about 2 weeks. Upon completion you will be provided with your chances of successful immigration to Canada and the best route for you. You will also receive your immigration plan specifically tailored for you, improvement suggestions to increase your chances, our legal fees and government fees breakdown, and estimated processing time for your application. After this, you may hire us for the full legal representation of your immigration case, or you may complete the immigration process yourself.

Our Promise

The fee for the qualification package will be deducted from the full legal representation fee if you decide to hire us.

To start your qualification process, please choose your immigration category below:

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