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Express Entry

Skilled Immigrants (Express Entry)


Skilled people are invited to become successful in Canada from all over the world. In January 2015, the new Express Entry system for skilled immigrants was introduced to make it easier and faster for you to receive permanent residence and establish your career in Canada. If you have post-secondary education (college or university), work experience and are proficient in English or French, you may qualify for Express Entry.

Invitation to Apply

First, you need to submit a profile to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). If you meet the minimum eligibility requirements, your profile will be put in the pool of potential candidates. All candidates are then ranked against each other in this pool, and the top candidates will receive an Invitation to Apply for permanent residence.

Application for Permanent Residence

Once you receive an Invitation to Apply, you will have 60 days to submit your application with all the necessary documents. There are no guarantees for approval; however, if you meet the eligibility requirements and are admissible to Canada, you may be granted permanent residence under this program.

You may apply for Express Entry under the following three categories: